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A Community of Care

OHASA For Hygienists

Joining OHASA comes with a host of incredible benefits. We’re the country's only recognised oral hygiene association, so OHASA membership is essential for hygienists looking to expand their knowledge, find more patients and receive professional support.

OHASA Opens Doors to a Plethora of Professional Opportunities

Membership Benefits

OHASA’s Directory

Increase Your Online Visibility

Registering your practice, either independent or associated, with OHASA makes you visible to thousands of patients across the country. We’re the nation's foremost body of oral hygiene experts, so the directory not only provides you with visibility but acts as an instant endorsement and badge of professional honour.

Membership Options

Full MembershipAny person who is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as an oral hygienist shall be eligible for full membership.Full members pay membership fees and enjoy full voting rights.
Associate MembershipAny person who is not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as an oral hygienist but has a qualification in oral hygiene shall be eligible for associate membership.Associate members pay membership fees and enjoy no voting rights.
Student MembershipAny student in oral hygiene registered at a training institution approved by the Health Professions Council of South Africa shall be eligible for junior membership.Junior members pay no membership fees and enjoy no voting rights.
Donor MembershipThe national executive committee may on application grant donor membership to any person for a period specified by the committee.Donor members are exempted from paying membership fees and enjoy no voting rights.
Allied MembershipAny person other than an oral hygienist who is interested in the oral hygiene profession shall be eligible for allied membership.Allied members pay membership fees and enjoy no voting rights.
Honorary MembershipThe National Executive Committee may award honorary life membership to any member of the association or any other person based on outstanding service or contribution made to the association or the oral hygiene profession.Honorary Life membership is exempt from membership fees and has voting rights.
Core MembershipOpen to any dental professional.Core members do pay a specified membership fee and have no voting rights.
Retired MembershipOpen to all eligible retired members.Retired members are exempt from paying membership fees and have no voting rights.

Membership Application

We’re currently revamping our application process to improve the user experience. We ask that you please bear with us and check back in a few hours, by which time the new process should be fully operational.

We Represent YOU

Mentorship and Integrated Support

As a member of OHASA, individuals are privileged to access a robust mentorship and integrated support system. This framework is designed to foster professional growth, ensuring that members are not only equipped with the latest knowledge and skills but also have seasoned professionals guiding them through their journey.

Get Certification and Increase Trust

Every OHASA member receives a personalised membership certificate which they’re free to print or digitally display as they please.

This esteemed marker of trust helps build confidence with your patients.

Easily Earn CPD Points

Affordably Attend CPD-Registered Events & Meetings

OHASA hosts a variety of CPD-accredited events throughout the year – online and in person. These events are a great opportunity to learn, network and meet your CPD quota in an engaging, fun way.

Complete Online Questionnaires

By engaging with the OHASA Journal and answering the associated quizzes, members can easily qualify for CPD points from home.

Four Active Branches

OHASA operates through four active regional branches, ensuring comprehensive coverage and localised support across South Africa.

These branches are in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Each branch, while aligned with OHASA's national vision and objectives, caters to the unique needs and challenges of its region.

This decentralised approach allows for more tailored events, programmes and support structures, ensuring that members, regardless of their location, receive the utmost benefit and engagement from their association with OHASA.

A Warm and Supportive Community

Participate in Community Discussion & Gain Access to Exclusive OHASA Opportunities

By joining OHASA you also gain access to a private digital forum.

Here you’ll get access to exclusive job opportunities as soon as they’re publicly known.

You’ll also have the opportunity to have your voice heard in community discussions, quickly building your network, reputation and knowledge base.