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Many people think of oral hygiene as ‘nice to have’. But proper oral hygiene is absolutely essential to overall health. By choosing an OHASA-registered hygienist, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be receiving best-in-class oral hygiene care, wherever you are in the country.

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Joining OHASA comes with a host of incredible benefits. We’re the only recognised oral hygiene association in the country, so OHASA membership is essential for hygienists looking to expand their knowledge, find more patients and receive professional support.

45 Years of Commitment to Oral Care

Established in 1978, OHASA has unwaveringly championed the interests of oral hygienists and the broader community. We are more than just professionals; we are a united community devoted to the prevention of disease and the upliftment of public health.

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Nurturing Smiles: Kids’ and Baby Oral Health

Introduction As parents, we often prioritise our children’s physical well-being, ensuring they eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and stay physically active. However, one aspect of their health that sometimes gets overlooked is oral health. Good oral hygiene habits early

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